90% of Devcoin generation goes to open source projects with bounties for accomplishments and regular payments for active developers.

Devcoin considers funding open source projects of all types, so if you know of a project that needs funding, please visit the Devcoin thread at the Bitcointalk Forum.

Current Devcoin bounties can be seen on Devtome.

Earn Devcoins by Writing

The Devtome Wiki allows you to earn Devcoins by writing. Devtome pays writers directly, so you can write about what you want, when you want, from anywhere in the world.

Devcoin is merged mined with Bitcoin.

You can mine Bitcoin and Devcoin at DVCPool.com

You can follow these instructions to mine Devcoin as a secondary chain with P2Pool

When you are mining Devcoins as a secondary chain, you will get Devcoin blocks more often than Bitcoin blocks because the Devcoin hash rate is lower than the Bitcoin hash rate. The mining portion of the Devcoin block is a 5,000 Devcoin reward to the miner.

Devcoins may be purchased at the following exchanges: